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Latin America

We have worked in a number of countries across Latin America and have members called to appear in Mexico. We have given advice, appeared in arbitrations and been involved in court proceedings in this region.

Various Claimants v BP

Richard Hermer QC represented the claimants, a group of Colombian farmers, in a claim against BP for the severe environmental damage caused to their surroundings by the construction of an oil pipeline. It was argued that the pipeline interfered with water sources and that BP benefited from the activities of paramilitaries that guarded the pipeline. A large compensation settlement was received by some of the claimants, whilst some claims are still on-going.

Lawyer(s): Richard Hermer QC

Argentina v Uruguay (ICJ)

Professor Philippe Sands and Kate Cook represented Argentina before the International Court of Justice in this case concerning the environmental impact of pulp mills constructed by Uruguay on the River Uruguay and considered claims by Argentina that the mills were depositing dangerous waste into the river that border the two countries.

Chevron v Ecuador

Several Matrix lawyers are acting for both parties in this arbitration between Chevron and the government of Ecuador. The case concerns the settlement of environmental claims arising from past oil operations in the Amazon region. It considers issues of due process, denial of justice and breach of contract

Bolivian investment treaty arbitration

Lord Dan Brennan QC has acted for a Bolivian state entity in an appeal of an arbitral award. The arbitration concerned an investment treaty dispute and was heard in the UK High Court and the Court of Appeal.

Lord Brennan has also advised a Mexican state energy company in a reinsurance claim and has advised on several environmental issues for government departments across South America.

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