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‘An innovative and progressive set that continues to be instructed in high-profile and often law-defining cases.’Chambers and Partners 2014

We have worked in several of the Caribbean countries in a range of practice areas. We have members called in the British Virgin Islands and members who have acted as judges in the Cayman Islands.

Deuss v the Attorney General for Bermuda and the Commissioner of Police for Bermuda (Bermuda)

Clare Montgomery QC represented the appellant in this leading Privy Council case on the issue of provisional warrants. The case concerned a provisional warrant for arrest in an extradition case and whether it had to be considered an extradition crime for such a warrant to be issued.

Michael Wilhelm Kluge v The Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board & the Chief Immigration Office (Cayman Is)

Raza Husain QC is representing the claimant in a judicial review of a decision by the Chief Immigration Officer to refuse an application for residency of the Cayman Islands. The case also considers the subsequent refusal of leave to appeal the CIO’s decision to the Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board.

Lawyer(s): Raza Husain QC

Hodge, Skelton and others v The Superintendent of Prison and the Honourable Attorney General (BVI)

In extradition proceedings in the BVI Supreme Court, counsel for the appellants, Lord Ken Macdonald QC and Julian Knowles QC, secured the discharge of alleged members of a cocaine importation ring whose extradition had been sought by the United States. The court held that the order to extradite the appellants was null and void as it was based on an invalid authority. It stated that the appropriate forum to try the applicants for the alleged drug offences was the BVI. The case was the first contested extradition case in the BVI in recent times.

Cases concerning slavery reparations (St Vincent and the Grenadines)

Richard Hermer QC and Professor Zachary Douglas QC are representing several CARICOM countries in this legal challenge to seek compensation from three European nations. The case considers reparations for the legacy of the Atlantic slave trade.

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