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‘An innovative and progressive set that continues to be instructed in high-profile and often law-defining cases.’Chambers and Partners 2014
Sports Law


Our specialist sports law team has provided advocacy and advice in a number of high-profile and complex cases. We bring in expertise from several others areas, including commercial law, competition and regulatory law, employment law and EU law. Our work in this area involves experience in a number of dispute resolution forums, including disciplinary tribunals and arbitrations.

Nicholas Randall QC is frequently in demand as an arbitrator, primarily focussed on football, cricket and rugby related matters. He regularly sits as an FA arbitrator and is a member of the FA Premier League Panel. He is also a member of the FA Disciplinary Tribunal Panel and the Sports Dispute Resolution Panel. He has represented football agents in disputes with other agents and clients, in addition to high profile sports men and women in disputes with their sports associations.

Professor Philippe Sands QC acts as an arbitrator for the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland. Several other members have appeared as arbitrators or counsel in other sports related arbitrations and mediations.

We have acted in investigations and in an advisory capacity on matters related to a variety of sports, including several Premier League football clubs, managers and players, rugby clubs, sports associations, broadcasters, and individual sportsmen and women concerning anti-doping, transfer restrictions, other contract issues, state aid, exclusive broadcasting rights deals, and competition disputes.

Our lawyers in this area

  • Mark Afeeva Mark Afeeva
    Called: 1997
  • Christopher Brown Christopher Brown
    Called: 2002 CV
  • Michelle Butler Michelle Butler
    Called: 2007
  • Edward Craven
    Called: 2007 CV
  • Claire Darwin Claire Darwin
    Called: 2005
  • Professor Zachary Douglas Prof Zachary Douglas QC
    Called: 2006 Silk: 2015
  • Catrin Evans QC
    Called: 1994 Silk: 2016
  • Nicholas Gibson Nicholas Gibson
    Called: 2009 CV
  • Richard Hermer QC Richard Hermer QC
    Called: 1993 Silk: 2009
  • Phillippa Kaufmann QC Phillippa Kaufmann QC
    Called: 1991 Silk: 2011
  • Thomas Kibling Thomas Kibling
    Called: 1990
  • James Laddie QC James Laddie QC
    Called: 1997 Silk: 2012
  • Thomas Linden Thomas Linden QC
    Called: 1989 Silk: 2006
  • Rachel Logan Rachel Logan
    Called: 2008
  • Lord Ken Macdonald QC Lord Ken Macdonald QC
    Called: 1978 Silk: 1997
  • Alison Macdonald Alison Macdonald QC
    Called: 2000 Silk: 2017 CV
  • Sara Mansoori
    Called: 1997
  • Gavin Millar Gavin Millar QC
    Called: 1981 Silk: 2000 CV
  • Aidan O'Neill QC Aidan O’Neill QC (Scot)
    Called: 1996 Silk: 1999
  • Tim Owen QC Tim Owen QC
    Called: 1983 Silk: 2000
  • Raj Parker
    Called: 1983 CV
  • Nicholas Randall QC Nicholas Randall QC
    Called: 1990 Silk: 2013
  • Lorna Skinner
    Called: 1997
  • Andrew Smith Andrew Smith
    Called: 2008
  • Hugh Southey QC Hugh Southey QC
    Called: 1996 Silk: 2010 CV
  • Rhodri Thompson QC Rhodri Thompson QC
    Called: 1989 Silk: 2002
  • Guy Vassall-Adams Guy Vassall-Adams QC
    Called: 2000 Silk: 2016
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