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‘Its distinguished members act for central and local government, NGOs, commercial organisations and individuals.’Chambers and Partners 2014
Media and Information Law


Our Media and Information team is able to provide representation and advice on infringements of privacy, defamation, libel, breaches of data protection and requests for freedom of information. They are adept at handling issues of European law relating to freedom of expression and have appeared in the European Court of Human Rights, in addition to the UK Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.

Defamation and libel

Matrix members are leaders in this field, with particular experience in balancing the European Convention right of freedom of expression and the actions of newspapers. Hugh Tomlinson QC and Sara Mansoori acted for the claimant in Hunt v The Times, with Anthony Hudson QC acting for the defendant. Antony White QC represented the claimant in Tamiz v Google Inc, which clarified the position of internet providers within the law of defamation.


In the ground-breaking voicemail interception litigation, Various Claimants v News Group Newspapers, Hugh Tomlinson QC and Sara Mansoori acted for the claimants, whilst the defence involved four Matrix members: Antony White QC, Anthony Hudson QC, Guy Vassall-Adams QC and Ben Silverstone. Matthew Ryder QC was for the claimant in Trimingham v Associated Newspapers, the first media harassment trail in the UK, with Antony White QC for the defendant.

Data protection

In the recent and significant case of Vidal-Hall v Google Inc, Hugh Tomlinson QC and Lorna Skinner acted for the claimants, and Antony White QC for the defendant in establishing that misuse of personal information was a cause of action and redefined the notion of ‘personal data’. The on-going Construction Blacklisting litigation, which attempts to protect the data of those unfairly blacklisted and prevented from working, involves a team of Matrix members, all recommended in directories for their work in media and information: Hugh Tomlinson QC, Anthony Hudson QC, Guy Vassall-Adams and Ben Silverstone.

Our lawyers in this area

  • Mark Afeeva Mark Afeeva
    Called: 1997
  • Alex Bailin QC Alex Bailin QC
    Called: 1995 Silk: 2010 CV
  • Edward Craven
    Called: 2007 CV
  • Claire Darwin Claire Darwin
    Called: 2005
  • Catrin Evans QC
    Called: 1994 Silk: 2016
  • Professor Conor Gearty Prof Conor Gearty
    Called: 1995 CV
  • Anthony Hudson QC
    Called: 1996 Silk: 2015
  • Tamara Jaber
    Called: 2013
  • Phillippa Kaufmann QC Phillippa Kaufmann QC
    Called: 1991 Silk: 2011
  • Janet Kentridge Janet Kentridge
    Called: 1999
  • James Laddie QC James Laddie QC
    Called: 1997 Silk: 2012
  • Alison Macdonald Alison Macdonald QC
    Called: 2000 Silk: 2017 CV
  • Sara Mansoori
    Called: 1997
  • Helen Mountfield QC Helen Mountfield QC
    Called: 1991 Silk: 2010 CV
  • Mathew Purchase
    Called: 2002
  • Matthew Ryder QC Matthew Ryder QC
    Called: 1992 Silk: 2010
  • Ben Silverstone Ben Silverstone
    Called: 2009
  • Jessica Simor QC Jessica Simor QC
    Called: 1992 Silk: 2013 CV
  • Kirsten Sjovoll Kirsten Sjøvoll
    Called: 2012
  • Lorna Skinner
    Called: 1997
  • Hugh Southey QC Hugh Southey QC
    Called: 1996 Silk: 2010 CV
  • Dan Squires Daniel Squires QC
    Called: 1998 Silk: 2016
  • Hugh Tomlinson QC Hugh Tomlinson QC
    Called: 1983 Silk: 2002
  • Guy Vassall-Adams Guy Vassall-Adams QC
    Called: 2000 Silk: 2016
  • Antony White QC Antony White QC
    Called: 1983 (England & Wales) Silk: 2001 Called: 2016 (Northern Ireland)
  • David Wolfe QC
    Barrister since: 1992
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