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Immigration, Asylum and Free Movement


Our immigration, asylum and free movement team has an exceptional reputation due to their involvement in ground-breaking cases. Our expertise has been informed by the increasing influence of other practice areas, including international and European human rights lawEU law concerning fundamental rights, free movement, due process, asylum and international protection, international humanitarian law and extradition. We regularly represent clients before the UK Supreme Court, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) and the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

Notables cases

Raza Husain QC has appeared in almost 30 cases before the UK Supreme Court. He is instructed in cases in the BVI and Cayman Islands. He is currently instructed in FV (Italy) before the UK Supreme Court concerning the ‘enhanced protection’ test under the EU Citizen’s Directive, and is appearing before the Grand Chamber of the ECtHR in Tarrakhel v Switzerland, concerning the approach to transfers under the Dublin II Regulation, which regulates applications for international protection by asylum seekers. Hugh Southey QC acted in ZZ v UK before the CJEU, a case concerning whether the Special Immigration Appeals Commission was compliant with the fundamental principles of EU law.

Our lawyers in this area

  • Nick Armstrong Nick Armstrong
    Called: 2001
  • Michelle Butler Michelle Butler
    Called: 2007
  • Chris Buttler Chris Buttler
    Called: 2004
  • Ayesha Christie Ayesha Christie
    Called: 2014
  • Anita Davies Anita Davies
    Called: 2011
  • Raj Desai Raj Desai
    Called: 2010
  • Jonathan Glasson QC Jonathan Glasson QC
    Called: 1996 Silk: 2013 CV
  • Sarah Hannett Sarah Hannett
    Called: 2003
  • Raza Husain QC Raza Husain QC
    Called: 1993 Silk: 2010
  • Tamara Jaber
    Called: 2013
  • Samantha Knights Samantha Knights QC
    Called: 1996 Silk: 2018 CV
  • Rachel Logan Rachel Logan
    Called: 2008
  • Karon Monaghan QC Karon Monaghan QC
    Called: 1989 Silk: 2008
  • Helen Mountfield QC Helen Mountfield QC
    Called: 1991 Silk: 2010 CV
  • Aidan O'Neill QC Aidan O’Neill QC (Scot)
    Called: 1996 Silk: 1999
  • Jessica Simor QC Jessica Simor QC
    Called: 1992 Silk: 2013 CV
  • Kirsten Sjovoll Kirsten Sjøvoll
    Called: 2012
  • Hugh Southey QC Hugh Southey QC
    Called: 1996 Silk: 2010 CV
  • Dan Squires Daniel Squires QC
    Called: 1998 Silk: 2016
  • Professor Takis Tridimas Prof Takis Tridimas
    Called: 2000
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