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‘Its distinguished members act for central and local government, NGOs, commercial organisations and individuals.’Chambers and Partners 2014
Extradition Law and Mutual Assistance


Matrix has a number of the leading extradition law and mutual assistance practitioners in the country. Members of the Extradition and Mutual Assistance Group regularly appear for governments and defendants in ground breaking cases, including:

  • Assange
  • Berezovzky
  • Caldarelli
  • Dabas
  • Duess
  • Al-Fawwaz
  • Gomes & Goodyer
  • HH
  • Ismail
  • Kashamu
  • USA v Gary McKinnon
  • the “Natwest 3”
  • Norris
  • Osman
  • General Pinochet
  • Rottman

Led by a Practice Team that are regarded as “exceptionally good…friendly and efficient… superb…well organised and have a realistic approach and commercial appreciation” (Legal 500), in 2014, the legal directories continue to praise the Extradition and MLA team:

“genuine star” and co-author of ‘The Law of Extradition and Mutual Assistance’, Clare Montgomery QC is:

“…unanimously admired…sharp analysis and clear mind…particularly highly sought after for appellate matters…one of the best criminal silks…very clever and pleasant to work with…highly regarded by judges…a genuine star of the Bar…handles complex extradition matters as part of her hugely impressive practice…known for the superb analysis she brings to a case…very hard-working, super bright and an excellent advocate…universally hailed as a leading silk…equally adept at appearing in major investigations, jury trials and appellate courts…her thought process is fantastic and her knowledge is unbelievable…fierce in protecting her clients’ interests…noted for her expertise in cases concerning the criminal justice system…a very good and bright advocate…a fierce academic element to her approach…hugely well regarded in public law…an extremely prominent human rights lawyer, who is extremely impressive…highly recommended for advising on civil fraud cases with criminal aspects…outstanding cross-examination ability…extremely clever and very pleasant to work with…highly regarded by judges at all levels…well known for handling complex cases in regulatory, fraud and criminal law…highly respected for the breadth of her skill…she can take the most complex points and make them into a common-sense argument. That gives her real gravitas in front of judges…” (Chambers & Partners 2014)

“…a hugely bright and fierce lawyer, praised for the clarity of her advice…who has an enormous breadth of legal knowledge, and is hard to equal in this area…” (Legal 500, 2013)

“Impressive” Julian B. Knowles QC author of ‘Blackstone’s Guide to the Extradition Act 2003’ and co-author of ‘The Law of Extradition and Mutual Assistance’ is:

“…very highly respected amongst peers and clients alike…stands out for his wide-ranging practice…very strong academically…very strong on the law… extremely experienced… deals with complex and high-profile extradition cases…diligent, hard-working and bright…an impressive reputation at the Criminal Bar… receives praise for his legal analysis and his command of facts…extremely able and intelligent…good at cases with unusual legal issues…gives clear advice to professional and lay clients on complex law…” (Chambers & Partners 2014)

“phenomenal” U.N. Special Rapporteur on Counter Terrorism and Human Rights Ben Emmerson QC is:

“…an undisputed leader at the Bar, who has a multidisciplinary practice that encompasses high-profile and complex criminal work…maintains a phenomenal reputation for his handling of a variety of complex and significant human rights matters…demonstrates particular expertise in cases concerning international law, criminal law, protests, terrorism and the conduct of the military…one of the top human rights silks, both by reputation and by example…undoubtedly excellent and just so experienced…just has that aura about him…can judge what the court is thinking and what it needs to hear…an outstanding reputation for his handling of public law matters involving human rights…demonstrates particular expertise in cases concerning protests and unlawful detention…at the top of his game…one of the most powerful advocates I have ever heard in court…a fearsome advocate, who gives everything to his cases…draws on his enormous expertise in public law and human rights to act in a range of inquests and public inquiries…fearless…dogged, determined and very used to the public stage, and has conducted advocacy all over the world and at the highest level… highly motivated and very committed individual who is regarded as having a first-class intellect…considered one of the top international crime silks…a consummate advocate…” (Chambers & Partners 2014)

“…highly regarded in the field…” (Legal 500, 2013)

“highly effective” Matthew Ryder QC:

Is “…greatly valued for his strategic approach…defends in serious criminal cases with very complex points attached to them…very switched-on…very hard-working…very professional…a good choice for complicated cases and on anything involving the media….advises on some of the most high-profile claims against the police…highly effective handling criminal appeals and cases relating to deaths at the hands of the State…fantastic at reading the court…devastating in cross-examination…deals with witnesses very well…extremely measured in how he delivers his argument…an incredibly charming and effective operator…extremely hard-working…very thorough…does a huge amount of preparation…hugely respected figure…fiercely bright…has integrity and moral drive…doesn’t always take the lucrative cases, but is instead more interested in those that matter to him…a brilliant advocate who is very intuitive…his instincts are generally right…hugely impressive…very client-friendly…gets to the nub of an issue quickly and is able to navigate his way through very difficult areas and find a solution which at first blush would not seem achievable…” (Chambers & Partners 2014)

“…intelligent and savvy…” (Legal 500, 2013)

“incredibly bright” Alex Bailin QC:

“…is very authoritative and totally on top of his brief…a very easy person to work with, as he’s very personable, and very committed… demonstrates particular expertise in cases concerning the victims of rendition and torture… incredibly bright and very efficient…it is frightening how quickly he can respond to a point…an extremely good lawyer, who is very diligent, and leaves no avenue unexplored…has the flair you need if you want to get the ear of the court… called upon to advise on major fraud, bribery and cartel investigations…praised for his oral advocacy and strategic foresight…a great team player…handles the dynamics within a team really well and gets the best contribution out of everyone…” (Chambers & Partners 2014)

“…displays strong analytical skills, and is ‘innovative in the way he approaches procedural tools…noted for his eye for detail…recommended for his rapid analytical skills…at combining in-depth technical knowledge with wholly practical outcomes…” (Legal 500, 2013)

“brilliant” Hugh Southey QC is:

“highly praised…a brilliant silk to work with… fantastic at police law judicial review…an outstanding analyst who is fast at turning work around…extremely reliable and great on his feet…very approachable, hands-on and stays involved during the life of the case…has a strong strategic approach to litigation and drafts extremely well…an extremely bright silk…great…really quick and gets through an enormous amount of work…very sharp, always on top of his brief and very responsive…a very broad range of expertise…delightful…persuasive, elegant in his submissions and focused…an expert in civil liberties and human rights” (Chambers & Partners 2014)

“highly recommended” Mark Summers QC, co-author of ‘The Law of Extradition and Mutual Assistance’ is:

Is “…one of the most highly recommend juniors at the Criminal Bar…has a flourishing practice that covers terrorism and appellate work…great on technical legal points…able to get around complex legal issues incredibly quickly…an encyclopaedia on extradition law…what he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing…” (Chambers & Partners 2014)

“fearless” Helen Law is:

“…has established a civil liberties practice that is characterised by a concern with criminal justice…fearless on her feet…has excellent judgement…highly praised by clients…one of the best juniors for police actions…her written work is excellent…very strong in cross-examination and is excellent on her feet in front of a judge…goes from strength to strength…very few barristers have sufficient criminal and civil litigation background to cross-examine police officers as well as her…” (Chambers & Partners 2014)

“…a fantastic trial advocate…” (Legal 500, 2013)

“impressive” Aaron Watkins is:

“…involved in high-profile extradition cases…highly recommended…sources enthuse about his drafting skills…impressive in court, and second to none at drafting”

Throughout 2012 and 2013, the team have remained at the cutting edge of Extradition and MLA cases:

  • Mark Summers and Joanna Buckley appeared in Arranz v Spain [2013] EWHC 1662 (Admin) on the status of ECHR judgments
  • Julian Knowles QC, Mark Summers and Aaron Watkins appeared in Arronategui v Spain [2012] EWHC 1170 (Admin), concerning attempted Regicide on the King of Spain
  • Clare Montgomery QC, Ben Emmerson QC, Mark Summers, Helen Law and Aaron Watkins all appeared in Assange v Sweden [2012] 2 AC 471
  • Julian Knowles QC, Mark Summers, Aaron Watkins and Michelle Butler all act in the Supreme Court in Bucnys, Sakalis and Lavrov v Ministries of Justice [2013] 1 All ER 1220
  • Clare Montgomery QC and Julian Knowles QC are defending in Dewani v South Africa [2013] 1 WLR 82
  • Julian Knowles QC acted in CPS v Gohil [2013] 2 WLR 1123 concerning derivative use of MLA evidence
  • Alex Bailin QC, Matthew Ryder QC, Mark Summers, Aaron Watkins and Michelle Butler all appeared in the Supreme Court in HH v Italy [2013] 1 AC 338 concerning the rights of children in extradition cases
  • Clare Montgomery QC appeared in Ismail v SSHD [2013] ACD 76 concerning service of overseas judgements
  • Julian Knowles QC appeared in JP Morgan Chase v Director of the SFO [2012] Lloyd’s Rep FC 655 on letters of request
  • Julian Knowles QC and Aaron Watkins appeared in Patel v India [2013] EWHC 819 (Admin) concerning the 1992 Gujarati race riots
  • Aaron Watkins appeared in Tajik v USA [2013] 1 WLR 2283 on post-extradition surrender time limits and in Tappin v USA [2012] EWHC 22 (Admin) on passage of time

Our lawyers in this area

  • Alex Bailin QC Alex Bailin QC
    Called: 1995 Silk: 2010 CV
  • Joanna Buckley Joanna Buckley
    Called: 2011
  • Michelle Butler Michelle Butler
    Called: 2007
  • Anita Davies Anita Davies
    Called: 2011
  • Jonathan Glasson QC Jonathan Glasson QC
    Called: 1996 Silk: 2013 CV
  • Sir Anthony Hooper Sir Anthony Hooper
    Called: 1965
  • Tamara Jaber
    Called: 2013
  • Jessica Jones Jessica Jones
    Called: 2013
  • Helen Law
    Called: 2005
  • Lord Ken Macdonald QC Lord Ken Macdonald QC
    Called: 1978 Silk: 1997
  • Claire Montgomery QC Clare Montgomery QC
    Called: 1980 Silk: 1996 CV
  • Matthew Ryder QC Matthew Ryder QC
    Called: 1992 Silk: 2010
  • Hugh Southey QC Hugh Southey QC
    Called: 1996 Silk: 2010 CV
  • Mark Summers QC Mark Summers QC
    Called: 1996 Silk: 2014 CV
  • Professor Takis Tridimas Prof Takis Tridimas
    Called: 2000
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