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‘Its distinguished members are routinely instructed in ground-breaking and complex cases.’Chambers and Partners 2014"
Mark Summers QC

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Extradition, EU law and mutual legal assistance

Mark is a specialist in all areas of extradition and mutual assistance, international law and criminal EU law.

Mark is regularly instructed to advise and appear on behalf of individuals and foreign governments in proceedings in the United Kingdom and abroad. He was previously Chair of the Extradition Lawyers’ Association.

His caseload has included ● USA v Naviner Sarao (the 2010 “flash crash”) ● the collapse of Enron (the “NatWest 3”) ● USA v Kareem Serageldin (Credit Suisse executive prosecuted for his part in the 2008 financial crisis) ● Spain v Rwandan intelligence chief, General Karenzi Karake ● Sweden v Julian Assange  ● South Africa v Shrien Dewani  ● Bucnys v Ministry of Justice ● the attempted Regicide of the King of Spain ● Edwards & Harkins v United Kingdom ● Woolley v United Kingdom ● the Madrid train bombings  ● the 9/11 attacks  ● the ‘fertiliser’ bomb plot  ● the 2001 US anthrax bio-terrorism attacks  ● the murder of Theo van Gogh  ● the creation of the ‘Trojan Horse’ commercial espionage computer virus ● hacking into the Pentagon and Pearl Harbour and NASA computer networks  ● $31million US ‘Ponzi scheme’ advance fee fraud  ● $55million financial derivatives fraud  ● $300million US ‘pump and dump’ stock fraud  ● the sale of decommissioned radioactive metals  ● KGB espionage in the former Soviet bloc  ● treason  ● impairing the battle-readiness of the US Atlantic fleet  ● defendants on the FBI’s “10 most wanted” list.

Crime and regulatory

Mark has represented senior members of both the Bar and Judiciary as defendants in criminal proceedings, including proceedings before the Privy Council. He is particularly experienced in the law of abuse of process, including irregular extradition and breach of specialty.

The broad spectrum of Mark’s criminal trial and advisory work includes ● defending in the Pakistani cricket spot-fixing trial ● death row litigation before the Privy Council ● advising the Public Solicitor of St. Helena & Ascension on the operation of the fair trial provisions of the Islands’ new Constitution. Mark’s current crime and regulatory caseload includes ● allegations of sanctions evasion ● proceedings concerning the legality of the policing of the Royal Wedding  ● advising Libyan nationals concerning allegations of torture and rendition.


Mark’s extradition, MLA and general criminal practices all have a particular focus on anti-terrorism and cases concerning complex cross-border and jurisdictional issues. His terrorism trial caseload before the UK courts has recently included ● R v Anjem Choudary ● the 1982 Hyde Park IRA bombing ● Syrian fundraising ● “operation Examine”; terrorist fundraising and suicide plot to attack unknown targets in the UK  ● “operation Norbury”; the plot to blow up the London Stock Exchange ● “Operation Overt”; the 2006 Heathrow airline liquid bomb plot  ●  the 21/7 London bombing attempts  ● R v Tsouli (aka “terrorist007” – reputed to be Al-Qaeda’s ”webmaster” and “cyber-Muhajid”)  ● the ‘ricin’ conspiracy   ● the murder of DC Oake  ● the Stansted Airport Afghan Airlines hijacking  ● production of chemical weapons.


Mark accepts instructions under the Bar Council Standard Contractual Terms, details of which can be found here.


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