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‘Members here are consistently instructed in some of the most complex and significant cases, and are viewed as embodying all-round quality from top to bottom.’Chambers and Partners 2014
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R (Haider Hussain) v Seceratry of State for Defence

Danny Friedman QC and Tim Owen QC represented the appellant in this case before the UK Court of Appeal. The case recognised several important issues. First, that international humanitarian law is justiciable under domestic law by virtue of the policy of the relevant Minister to comply with it. Second, that Common Article 3 of the […]

Timor-Leste v Australia (Permanent Court of Arbitration and ICJ)

Professor James Crawford AC SC is counsel for Australia in this case concerning claims brought by Timor-Leste over the natural resources found in the Timor Sea and the seizure of documents and data by Australia. Two sets of proceedings were instituted, one before the Permanent Court of Arbitration and the other before the International Court of […]

Australia v Japan (ICJ)

Professor James Crawford AC SC, Professor Philippe Sands QC and Kate Cook acted as counsel for Australia in this high profile case before the International Court of Justice. The case concerned Japan’s whaling programme in Southern Ocean. Australia argued that their programme was for commercial purposes, or in the alternative not for scientific purposes and its purpose […]

Alghanim v Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (ICSID)

Luis González García and Alison Macdonald are representing the Kingdom of Jordan in this pending International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes arbitration. The claim was brought by a Kuwaiti company and involves the telecommunications sector.

Iraqi Civilian Litigation (on-going)

Richard Hermer QC and Phillippa Kaufmann QC are representing several Iraqi civilians in this ongoing litigation against the UK Ministry of Defence. The case concerns alleged assaults, unlawful detention, inhuman and degrading treatment, torture and executions by British soldiers in Iraq between 2003 and 2009, for which the claimants seek compensation.

R v Thomas Kwok (Hong Kong High Court)

Clare Montgomery QC is representing one of the two defendants in this high profile corruption trial before the Hong Kong High Court. It is one of the most high value fraud cases the country has seen. The case concerns various offences in relation to payments and unsecured loans, and alleged conspiracy to commit misconduct in […]

Keyu & Others v Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs & Another (Court of Appeal)

Danny Friedman QC and Professor Zachary Douglas QC acted for the appellant Malaysian individuals in this high-profile claim against the UK Secretary of State. The appellants argued that there should be a public inquiry into the 1948 events on the Batang Kali rubber plantation in the former Federation of Malaya, where 24 civilians were shot and […]

BMIC Ltd v Chinnakannan Sivasankaran and Siva Ltd (Commercial Court)

Antony White QC acted for the defendants in this $300 million claim in London’s Commercial Court arising out of the crisis in the Indian telecoms market. The case concerned the claimant company, BMIC, a subsidiary of the Bahrain Telecommunications Company, and the defendant parties, an entrepreneur and an industrial conglomerate with its headquarters in India. […]

Niko Resources v Bangladesh Petroleum & Production Company (BAPEX); Niko Resources v Bangladesh Oil Gas and Mineral Corporation (Petrobangla)

Luis González García and Alison Macdonald are involved in an on-going arbitration involving two Bangladeshi state-owned oil companies in two ICSID arbitrations. The first concerns an environmental claim brought by the Government of Bangladesh in the Bangladeshi courts for damage arising from two gas blowouts. The second case considers issues arising out of a petroleum […]

Mau Mau Litigation: Matua & Others v Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Richard Hermer QC and Phillippa Kauffmann QC represented a group of Kenyan individuals in their claim against the current British government for the oppressive actions they took during the colonial administration of Kenya between 1951-1960. During this time the individuals were subjected to torture for which they sought compensation. The claim was settled in 2013 […]

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